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"In the cinema we do not think, we are thought." Jean Luc Godard

Discussing the cinema, my experiences in it, and my ideas about it.

Automatic Writing Workshop: “Nocturne.”

This entry and experiment in storytelling was a part of a series of stories I produced in a self-driven workshop called “30 Days and 30 Stories.” Each day I would produce a short screenplay, story, essay, or prose piece. This was originally composed on December 25th, 2011. I would often preface these workshop pieces with what thoughts were going on in my mind at the time of composition.

“Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.”

Sometimes in life you encounter ideas that rock you so deeply to your core, that so firmly move you, that they change the direction of your life and your work. When this experience happens, it’s usually an incredibly gratifying experience internally. You feel that you’ve stumbled on the light of the world, and need to share it with everyone around you, occasionally to the annoyance of others as I’ve sometimes found.Writing is the means to many ends, it entertains, it enlightens, and can gives strength and hope to those who draw from it when they feel weak and small. I don’t advocate using writing as a soap box to spit out your ideology or try to convert the world, at least unless the writing is specifically for that purpose with the knowing consent of the reader, I do think however that at the core of every story are important ideas, and that these ideas have consequences that can be interpreted as good and evil.

One idea that greatly effected me in the last year or so can be simply put in the latin excerpt from Virgil’s Aeneid above. “Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.” Which translates simply to: “Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

I won’t preach a gospel of what I believe good and evil to be, but I think most of us still agree on some common basis that there is a good and there is a evil. As writers, as artists, as people, this slogan has great value. It’s a call toward greater integrity, greater unity, and ultimately a call for strength of character. In these sometimes dark times I think it is an important and powerful call to remember, entering into a new year, filled with wonderful works of art, wonderful stories, and contained somewhere inside of them: powerful ideas.


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Travis Ratcliff